St George's Tenants and Residents Association

The St Georges' estate in Wapping transferred to EastendHomes in January 2006. An Estate Management Board was formed at this time, and then in December 2010 the group decided to convert to a Tenants and Residents Association (TRA). The St George's TRA reviewed this arrangement after a trial period of six months, and after further discussion the residents of the estate were consulted and agreed to make this arrangement permanent. A Tenant and Residents Association (TRA) is not subject to the governance rules of EastendHomes, however EastendHomes continues to meet with and support the group.
Because it operates outside of EastendHomes governance arrangements minutes from the St George's TRA are not published by EastendHomes. Minutes from the former EMB are available on demand.
The St George's TRA meets on the third Monday of each month in the Stockholm House Meeting Room.