Fire Risk Assessments

On this page you can find copies of the most recent fire risk assessment for the eleven tower blocks managed by EastendHomes.

EEH believes in being open and transparent around how we manage fire safety. References in the assessments to individual properties have been obscured to protect the privacy of residents.

EastendHomes' locally-based housing staff follow up on recommendations made in these assessments by the independent fire assessor, using the priorities the assessor identifies to make sure the most important actions are completed first.

Many of the actions identified in the Fire Risk Assessments relate to front entrance doors to flats, which are expected to prevent the spread of fire. EastendHomes has replaced the front entrance doors of all our tenants with fire-rated doors under the Decent Homes programme. If you are a leaseholder and would like information about obtaining a fire-rated door from EastendHomes' supplier at a discounted rate, or to have a door closer fitted to your door, please contact your Local Housing Centre. If you would like to discuss fire safety in your block, please contact your Housing Officer.

Beckley House [pdf] 503KB
Berkeley House [pdf] 468KB
Denning Point [pdf] 430KB
Ennerdale House [pdf] 570KB
Galleon House [pdf] 550KB
Gordon House [pdf] 517KB
Grafton House [pdf] 446KB
Hatton House [pdf] 470KB
Roslin House [pdf] 531KB
Shearsmith House [pdf] 521KB
Stockholm House [pdf] 438KB