EastendHomes Policies

EastendHomes operates a wide range of policies to help us deliver services consistently and to a high standard.  If you can't find what you are looking for below, please contact us.

Access to Services Strategy - under review

Aids & Adaptations Policy [pdf] 117KB

Anti-Social Behaviour and Harassment Policy [pdf] 162KB

Asbestos Policy [pdf] 158KB

Assignment, Succession and Mutual Exchange Policy [pdf] 187KB

Complaints and Compliments Policy [pdf] 224KB

Data Protection Policy [pdf] 138KB

Decant Policy [pdf] 14KB

Decoration Allowances Policy [pdf] 24KB

Domestic Violence & Abuse Policy [pdf] 101KB   

Downsizing Policy [pdf] 182KB

Electrical Safety Policy [pdf] 219KB

For Sale, To Let Signs and Advertisement Hoardings Policy [pdf] 111KB

Gas Safety Policy [pdf] 146KB

Green Policy [pdf] 69KB

Gritting Policy [pdf] 15KB

Hard Fixed Flooring Policy [pdf] 168KB

Hoarding Policy [pdf] 242KB

Homeowners Major Works Policy [pdf] 262KB

Interpretation, Translation & Communication Needs Policy [pdf] 155KB

Leasehold / Freehold Purchase Policy [pdf] 169KB

Leasehold Management Policy [pdf] 230KB

Lettings Policy [pdf] 107KB

Lift, Stairlift and Hoist Maintenance Policy [pdf] 111KB

Membership Policy [pdf] 74KB

Miscellaneous Lets Policy [pdf] 115KB

Neighbourhood Management Policy [pdf] 221KB

Overcrowding Reduction Initiative [pdf] 234KB

Petitions Policy [pdf] 26KB

Rent Arrears Recovery Policy [pdf] 81KB

Rent Collection Policy [pdf] 150KB

Rent Setting Policy [pdf] 125KB

Repairs & Maintenance Policy [pdf] 124KB

Resident Consultation and Participation Policy [pdf] 97KB

Resident Profiling Strategy [pdf] 265KB

Risk Management Policy [pdf] 85KB

Safe & Well Strategy [pdf] 35KB

Safeguarding Policy [pdf] 182KB

Service Charge Arrears Policy [pdf] 100KB

Tenancy Fraud Strategy [pdf] 370KB

Vexatious, Unreasonably Persistent, or Disproportionate Complaints and Correspondents [pdf] 175KB

Void Policy [pdf] 29KB