Resident Involvement

Community Event on Eric Street Involving our residents in how we work and engaging to find their views are central to EastendHomes operates, as demonstrated by its inclusion as one of the key themes of our Corporate Plan and our commitment as one of our five Values to “value and support resident involvement”.

These pages contain information on different levels of resident participation in EastendHomes. Our Board take an overview of all of our activity. There is also a framework of local estate boards which work with a specific focus on their neighbourhoods. The Resident Scrutiny Panel works with outside of the formal governance framework to scrutinise our performance.

Our resident involvement publications contain detailed information on how participation works within EastendHomes. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Did You Know?

EastendHomes has been accredited by resident engagement specialists TPAS for its approach to involving residents.

An independent assessor reviewed our arrangements in 2019, and following a review which included interviews with residents, EastendHomes was awarded the Resident Involvement Quality Standard for three years.

TPAS 2019 Logo

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