Equality & Diversity Policies

Single Equality Scheme

EastendHomes aims to deliver inclusive and accessible services, processes and procedures. EastendHomes seeks to play a part in reducing the inequalities that exist in our areas, and to bring local communities closer together.

EastendHomes recognises that Tower Hamlets is a “community of communities” and as such a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to problem-solving, service provision and delivering improvements will not work. EastendHomes is committed to ensuring that equality is embedded into its work, and as such has developed and implemented a  Single Equality Scheme [pdf] 578KB to ensure that services are delivered with reference to the people that will use and benefit from them. The Single Equality Scheme is supported by an action plan with actions to tackle discrimination, harassment and victimisation in all its forms, to promote equality of opportunity, and to counteract socio-cultural disadvantage.

EastendHomes also has an Equality and Diversiity Policy [pdf] 118KB, which describes the key principles of EastendHomes' compliance with our statutory and regulatory obligations, and specific actions which will be taken to ensure both this compliance and the establishment of good practice.