Parking on an EastendHomes estate

All EastendHomes estates have controlled parking. Please read the following list of Frequently Asked Questions so that you know how you can park on an EastendHomes estate.

Can I park on an EastendHomes estate?

Yes, but only if you have an EastendHomes licence to park on the estate and have been allocated a numbered parking bay for your exclusive use. (Visitors Bays - see below).

What happens if I do not have a Licence to park on an EastendHomes estate?

You will be issued with a Civil Parking Notice.

A notice / ticket means a fine of £100. This will be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

At what times does parking control operate?

In consultation with residents, enforcement times vary by estate. Please contact your local office or refer to parking signage for information on the times for your estate.

Who can apply for a Parking Bay?

EastendHomes tenants and resident leaseholders have priority for parking on our estates. (See our Miscellaneous Lets Policy here).

Anyone else can apply, subject to bays being available.

How do I apply for a Parking Bay?

Contact your Local Housing Centre for further information. All applications received will be added to a waiting list for your area. Note applicants must qualify for the waiting list including not having rent or service charge arrears.

How much does it cost?

Tenants and resident leaseholders £3.42 weekly
Other residents living on an EastendHomes estates £6.28 weekly
Anyone else £16.31 weekly

Please note that these charges are subject to annual review and will be confirmed when you are offered a place by your Local Housing Centre. VAT may apply to charges for non-EEH residents. There are different charges for the secured parking sites on the Bede estate, St George's estate, and under Denning Point on the Holland estate. 

Do Blue Badge holders have to pay to park?

EastendHomes tenants and resident leaseholders who are Blue Badge holders and are the registered owner of the vehicle will not be charged for one parking bay. There may be a charge for other residents.

Do I still receive annual parking permits?

No, EastendHomes has stopped issuing yearly paper permits. The registration details of your vehicle are held on our parking database. When the parking attendants patrol EastendHomes estate, they will look up the number plate using their handheld devices and check whether a car is authorised to park in a particular bay. EastendHomes will carry out regular car space and garage audits, where you will be asked to provide proof of vehicle ownership, current MOT, and motor insurance.

Can I get an 'Any Vehicle' permit?

Since April 2020 we no longer provide 'any vehicle' permits. All bay-holders were written to in February 2020 to advise that if they wish to use an ‘Any Vehicle’ permit they needed to apply to us by 20 March 2020.

Please note that if you currently use an 'Any Vehicle' permit with an expiry date from July 2021 onwards that this permit will remain valid until further notice. New permits will not be issued.

Please also note that this permit is intended for occasional use and that checks may be made that the parking space is being used by the main vehicle you have registered against this space.

Residents are able to purchase up to three books of visitor scratchcards per year. 

What happens if I change my vehicle or want to change parking bays?

Contact us straight away with the details of your new vehicle. There is a £10 fee to cover the administration costs of changing your details. You must notify EastendHomes at the earliest opportunity to avoid the risk of being issued with a Parking Charge Notice. Please give us time to process the change of vehicle. Any PCNs issued as a result of delay in informing EastendHomes will need to be cleared before the change of vehicle is confirmed with our parking contractor.

Please note that this applies if you are changing your own vehicle. A license for a parking bay is granted to an individual and we will not grant permission to transfer a license to a vehicle owned by another household or family member.

What happens if my car is being repaired and I have temporary use of a replacement car?

Contact your Local Housing Centre with the registration details and how long you expect to be using the replacement vehicle. They will update your details accordingly.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

Appeals must be submitted to:

Elite Car Parking Management Ltd, PO Box 12606, Epping, CM16 9FB (by post)

By Telephone (24/7) on 0333 230 008.

Or online at:

EastendHomes will not consider complaints about charge notices until this appeals process has been completed.

What do I do if someone else is parked in my bay during the times that controlled parking is in force?

You must call 01992 764520 and our contractor will issue you with a dispensation number that allows you to park somewhere else whilst they deal with the vehicle parking in your bay.

However you cannot park in another resident's allocated bay or in a way that stops another resident from using their bay. Neither should you park dangerously e.g. in a yellow hatched area.

It is important that your write down the dispensation number and display it on your dashboard.

I am moving away from the estate. Can I keep the parking bay or transfer it to a family member, friend, neighbour, or any person who will be moving into the property?

No. The licence is for you and ends when you leave the property. There is a constant demand for parking bays on all EastendHomes estate and we operate a waiting list for every parking site. Any resident of an EastendHomes estate (except those living in 'Car Free Homes') can apply to be included on the waiting list. (See Miscellaneous Lets Policy).

Can my visitors park on the estate?

There are visitors bays on all of our estate. To park in a visitors' bay, a valid EastendHomes scratchard or visitor permit must be displayed. Books of scratchcards can be purchased from any EastendHomes Local Housing Centre and cost £20 which allows 10 separate slots of up to 5 hours.

Non-residents who are Blue Badge holders must display a valid EastendHomes visitor permit or scratchcard when using a visitors' bay.

Please note that Tower Hamlets scratchards are not valid on any EastendHomes estate.

What do I need to do if a private contractor needs to visit me?

If it is for a short period, you will need to give your contractor an EastendHomes visitors scratchcard to enable them to park in a visitors' or contractors' bay.

If they are likely to be there for more than 5 hours, you should phone our parking contractor  on 01992 764520 and they will give you a dispensation number for your contractor to park on the estate for that day only. This will cost £10 per permit. Please note that private contractors must not park in any numbered residents' bay.

I live in a 'Car Free' home - can I apply for a parking permit?

No, unless you are a Blue Badge holder. However you can apply for a visitors scratchard or permit for your visitors or tradespersons. Please note that you will not be eligible to apply for any type of Tower Hamlets 'on street' permit for parking on roads outside of your estate.

Are there any exemptions?

Some vehicles can park for a very short time without a ticket being issued so long as it is not causing an obstruction or blocking a resident's allocated bay. The following would be permitted:

  • Supermarket and general delivery vehicles
  • Utility or service company vehicles e.g. gas, electricity, water, BT, Sky or similar
  • A hearse

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