EastendHomes recognises that pets can provide companionship and comfort for many people. However it is important in the interests of creating strong neighbourhoods that pets do not create a nuisance for fellow residents.

Tenants may only keep pets in their homes with permission from EastendHomes. Similar clauses in the leases held by leaseholders restrict the freedom to keep pets without permission. EastendHomes will not unreasonably withhold permission, but you will be asked to arrange for your dog or cat to be microchipped as part of any permission we give you.

All residents are expected to act with consideration for their neighbours, and are responsible for keeping animals under control, and clearing up any fouling. On the estate dogs must be kept on a lead and, where the law requires, muzzled. Failure to keep control of your pets could result in EastendHomes withdrawing permission for you to keep your pet(s) and/or us taking legal action against you.