Consideration should be given to your neighbours at all times. Noise can be particularly disturbing to others. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines and noisy DIY tools should not be used late at night or early in the morning.

In flatted accommodation, it is virtually impossible to exclude all noise from other properties and common sense and consideration need to be applied for low level household noise. It is likely that no action will be taken by EastendHomes if we feel that incidents do not exceed low level household noise.

Residents should note that in flatted accommodation, the installation of hard fixed flooring (such as laminate) can create problems with transmitting noise to adjacent properties, especially if not installed properly. EastendHomes Hard Fixed Flooring Policy [pdf] 78KB explains our approach to this issue. Most residents do not have the right to install this flooring without our permission. Please contact your local housing centre if you have any questions on this topic.

Cases of noise nuisance will be investigated under our anti-social behaviour procedures. Visit the anti-social behaviour pages of this website for more information.