EastendHomes Board

The Board is the main decision making body of EastendHomes. Board members serve on a voluntary basis and are unpaid.

The board is currently made up of up to 5 places for residents from EastendHomes estates, 2 members nominated by Tower Hamlets Council, and up to 6 places for independent board members. We believe that this balance gives us a mixture of input from local residents and other stakeholders, together with expertise to deal with the important decisions which the Board makes. Board members are appointed in keeping with a policy. [pdf] 30KB

EastendHomes’ Board has adopted the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) 2015 Code of Governance.

As part of the EeH governance framework, the Board reviews an annual self-assessment of compliance with the adopted Code of Governance. This self-assessment was most recently considered by the Board on 17th June 2020The Board agreed the report confirming that EeH is fully compliant with the 2015 Code of Governance.

You can read profiles of our current Board members via the menu on the left.

Meeting minutes:

Date Minutes
9th September 2020 Agenda [pdf] 117KB
17th June 2020 Minutes [pdf] 71KB
10th March 2020 Minutes [pdf] 72KB
4th December 2019 Minutes [pdf] 51KB
11th September 2019 Minutes [pdf] 189KB
12th June 2019 Minutes [pdf] 209KB
20th February 2019 Minutes [pdf] 223KB
5th December 2018 Minutes [pdf] 232KB
5th September 2018 Minutes [pdf] 220KB
20th June 2018 Minutes [pdf] 213KB
28th March 2018 Minutes [pdf] 186KB
31st January 2018 Minutes [pdf] 225KB
7th December 2017 Minutes [pdf] 202KB
7th September 2017 Minutes [pdf] 208KB
22nd June 2017 Minutes [pdf] 221KB
23rd March 2017 Minutes [pdf] 166KB

26th January 2017

Minutes [pdf] 202KB

8th December 2016 Minutes [pdf] 203KB
8th September 2016 Minutes [pdf] 197KB
2nd June 2016 Minutes [pdf] 340KB
29th March 2016 Minutes [pdf] 207KB
11th February 2016 Minutes [pdf] 341KB
26th November 2015 Minutes [pdf] 413KB
24th September 2015 Minutes [pdf] 169KB
3rd September 2015 Minutes [pdf] 170KB
15th June 2015 Minutes [pdf] 206KB
30th March 2015 Minutes [pdf] 211KB
29th January 2015 Minutes [pdf] 189KB
27th November 2014 Minutes [pdf] 208KB
25th September 2014 Minutes [pdf] 261KB
31st July 2014 Minutes [pdf] 217KB
27th March 2014 Minutes [pdf] 231KB
30th January 2014 Minutes [pdf] 202KB
19th November 2013 Minutes [pdf] 139KB
20th June 2013 Minutes [pdf] 195KB
19th March 2013 Minutes [pdf] 199KB
31st January 2013 Minutes [pdf] 200KB
27th September 2012 Minutes [pdf] 84KB
19th July 2012 Minutes [pdf] 224KB
29th March 2012 Minutes [pdf] 85KB
31st January 2012 Minutes [pdf] 102KB
20th September 2011 Minutes [pdf] 85KB
19th July 2011 Minutes [pdf] 83KB
24th March 2011 Minutes [pdf] 42KB
27th January 2011 Minutes [pdf] 82KB
7th October 2010 Minutes [pdf] 63KB
29th July 2010 Minutes [pdf] 64KB
29th April 2010 Minutes [pdf] 59KB
28th January 2010 Minutes [pdf] 96KB
29th September 2009 Minutes [pdf] 83KB
28th July 2009 Minutes [pdf] 105KB
2nd April 2009 Minutes [pdf] 102KB

Minutes are added to this site when they have been agreed as an accurate record by a subsequent meeting of the Board.