EastendHomes Board

The Board is the main decision making body of EastendHomes.

The Board comprises a maximum of 12 members. Board members are appointed in keeping with a policy. [pdf] 68KB. From September 2023 Board Members receive remuneration in recognition of their role in governing EastendHomes, which is paid in line with our  Board Remuneration Policy. [pdf] 133KB

EastendHomes’ Board has adopted the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) 2020 Code of Governance.

As part of the EeH governance framework, the Board reviews an annual self-assessment of compliance with the adopted Code of Governance. This self-assessment was most recently considered by the Board on 14 June 2023. 

You can read profiles of our current Board members via the menu on the left.

Meeting minutes:

Date Minutes
29th November 2023 to follow
6th September 2023 to follow
14th June 2023 Minutes [pdf] 174KB
15th March 2023 Minutes [pdf] 174KB
9th February 2023 Minutes [pdf] 90KB
30th November 2022 Minutes [pdf] 204KB
7th September 2022 Minutes [pdf] 126KB
21st July 2022 Minutes [pdf] 139KB
15th June 2022 Minutes [pdf] 158KB
16th March 2022 Minutes [pdf] 179KB
1st December 2021 Minutes [pdf] 189KB
8th September 2021 Minutes [pdf] 186KB
16th June 2021 Minutes [pdf] 182KB
10th March 2021 Minutes [pdf] 180KB
2nd December 2020 Minutes [pdf] 193KB
9th September 2020 Minutes [pdf] 187KB
17th June 2020 Minutes [pdf] 71KB
10th March 2020 Minutes [pdf] 72KB
4th December 2019 Minutes [pdf] 51KB
11th September 2019 Minutes [pdf] 189KB
12th June 2019 Minutes [pdf] 209KB
20th February 2019 Minutes [pdf] 223KB
5th December 2018 Minutes [pdf] 232KB
5th September 2018 Minutes [pdf] 220KB
20th June 2018 Minutes [pdf] 213KB
28th March 2018 Minutes [pdf] 186KB
31st January 2018 Minutes [pdf] 225KB
7th December 2017 Minutes [pdf] 202KB
7th September 2017 Minutes [pdf] 208KB
22nd June 2017 Minutes [pdf] 221KB
23rd March 2017 Minutes [pdf] 166KB

26th January 2017

Minutes [pdf] 202KB

8th December 2016 Minutes [pdf] 203KB
8th September 2016 Minutes [pdf] 197KB
2nd June 2016 Minutes [pdf] 340KB
29th March 2016 Minutes [pdf] 207KB
11th February 2016 Minutes [pdf] 341KB
26th November 2015 Minutes [pdf] 413KB
24th September 2015 Minutes [pdf] 169KB
3rd September 2015 Minutes [pdf] 170KB
15th June 2015 Minutes [pdf] 206KB
30th March 2015 Minutes [pdf] 211KB
29th January 2015 Minutes [pdf] 189KB
27th November 2014 Minutes [pdf] 208KB
25th September 2014 Minutes [pdf] 261KB
31st July 2014 Minutes [pdf] 217KB
27th March 2014 Minutes [pdf] 231KB
30th January 2014 Minutes [pdf] 202KB
19th November 2013 Minutes [pdf] 139KB
20th June 2013 Minutes [pdf] 195KB
19th March 2013 Minutes [pdf] 199KB
31st January 2013 Minutes [pdf] 200KB
27th September 2012 Minutes [pdf] 84KB
19th July 2012 Minutes [pdf] 224KB
29th March 2012 Minutes [pdf] 85KB
31st January 2012 Minutes [pdf] 102KB
20th September 2011 Minutes [pdf] 85KB
19th July 2011 Minutes [pdf] 83KB
24th March 2011 Minutes [pdf] 42KB
27th January 2011 Minutes [pdf] 82KB
7th October 2010 Minutes [pdf] 63KB
29th July 2010 Minutes [pdf] 64KB
29th April 2010 Minutes [pdf] 59KB
28th January 2010 Minutes [pdf] 96KB
29th September 2009 Minutes [pdf] 83KB
28th July 2009 Minutes [pdf] 105KB
2nd April 2009 Minutes [pdf] 102KB

Minutes are added to this site when they have been agreed as an accurate record by a subsequent meeting of the Board.