Noise Nuisance

If you are suffering from noise nuisance we can help you. Noise nuisance could be:

  • loud music/noisy parties
  • dogs barking
  • household noise

If noise nuisance is reported to us we will investigate in a confidential manner. We work with Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Environmental Protection (EHEP) on some cases. We will only liase with them during an investigation if you agree.

If there is sufficient evidence of noise nuisance action will be taken against identified perpetrators.

What action we can take

  • interview perpetrator and formally warn them about their conduct
  • work with EHEP to take action on statutory nuisance cases
  • obtain injunctions from the county court
  • undertake legal action to evict perpetrators from their home

In order to take legal action, you must

  • provide first-hand evidence
  • clearly set out evidence with specific details of incidents

have evidence to show that noise has had a substantial effect

Incident diaries

Diary sheets are important to gather evidence as they help to identify patterns of noise nuisance.

They should be completed whenever an incident occurs. It must have the date, time and description of the noise being experienced. When completed they should be returned to your neighbourhood officer.

Dealing with the problem yourself

Sometimes the most effective option is to discuss the problem with your neighbour.

Often people aren’t aware they are causing a problem. If that doesn’t work the Mediation Service may help you resolve a dispute. Contact your neighbourhood officer for more information.

If this informal approach is not successful you should report the incident to us. Also contact the council’s EHEP section.

Taking your own action

The Environmental Protection Act, which covers the law relating to noise nuisance, allows you to take your own legal action.

But remember you may have to remain neighbours for many years so think carefully before taking this option. If you want further advice contact your local magistrates court.

Reporting noise nuisance

Contact your housing office.

You can also contact Tower Hamlets Council:

During office hours: 020 7364 5007

Emergency out-of-hours noise patrol: 020 7364 5007 or visit for more information.

EHEP officers can witness noise incidents and have the power to take legal action against those responsible for statutory noise nuisance.