Major Works & Improvements

This section sets out your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder in relation to major works to your block or estate and aims to answer any questions that you may have about major works and improvements.

What are Major Works and Improvements?

Major Works are repairs, replacement or improvement works that EastendHomes carries out to its housing. The works will be initially carried out as part of a one-off programme to ensure that all of our housing is of a good standard. The programme of works will mean that once the works across the estate are completed a rolling programme of repair and maintenance will be set in place to ensure that all properties remain of a good standard. The works are designed to prolong the life of our housing stock and improve the condition of your block or estate.

Our Major Works start with a survey of all blocks being carried out. The survey will look at each element of the structure and to see if it is best to repair it or replace if it has reached the end of its useful life.

As a leaseholder you have agreed to contribute towards the cost of this work according to the provisions in your lease. If you intend to sell your property before the works start you should disclose this information to prospective buyers.

Major Works for which Leaseholders will be charged for

Chargeable works are those that are required to maintain the structure of the building or its immediate environment to ensure that it is in a good condition. These are generally works which repair or replace building or other components on a ‘like-for-like' basis or with an accepted modern version of the original, such as double glazing to replace single glazing. The works can also cover components which extend the life of the building over and above that likely to be achieved through normal repair.

Major Works which Leaseholders will not be charged for

Non-chargeable works are those carried out as part of our Regeneration programme to enhance the general environment and to eliminate crime and anti-social behaviour. This would include works to community buildings, the creation of new block entrances and the installation of CCTV cameras.

Which works are non-chargeable will be affected by whether they were included in our Regeneration programme as agreed when properties were transferred to EastendHomes, whether you were the owner of the property at that time, the terms of your lease, and your residential status. For more information on whether specific works are non-chargeable, please contact the Home Ownership Team.

Examples of Chargeable Works

  • Window Repairs/Renewal
  • Automatic smoke ventilation Repairs/Renewal
  • Refuse Chute Repairs
  • Communal and External Decorating
  • Communal Area Repairs
  • Communal CCTV Repairs/Renewal
  • Communal Electric Repairs/Renewal
  • Communal Heating Repairs/Renewal/Upgrade
  • Communal TV Provision/Repairs/Renewal
  • Entryphone Provision/Repairs/Renewal
  • Estate Repairs/Renewal including:
  • Boundary Walls
  • Courtyards
  • Drainage
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Lighting
  • Communal Area Repairs/Renewal
  • Lift Repairs/Renewal
  • Lightning Protector Repairs/Renewal
  • Roof Repairs/Renewal
  • Structural Repairs
  • Balcony/Walkway Repairs
  • Water Services Repairs/Renewal
  • Wet & Dry Riser Repairs/Renewal

Examples of Non Chargeable Works*

  • Additional block/Estate Lighting
  • Car Park Repairs
  • Community Building Repairs
  • Creation of new Entrance
  • Disconnection from Communal Heating System
  • Enlarging Chutes & Chute Chambers
  • Knock throughs to create larger homes for tenants
  • Entrance Reorientation
  • Garage Repairs, except where part of the lease
  • Internal works to tenanted homes e.g. new kitchens/bathrooms/WC’s
  • Concierge Station Provision where not currently provided
  • New Signage
  • Lift Enlargement
  • Local Housing Office/Depot provision/repairs
  • Block and Estate CCTV where not currently provided
  • New Stair Tower installations
  • Provision of new Community Buildings
  • New Installation of Boundary Walls/Fences
  • New Lift Installations where not currently provided
  • Overcladding (Thermal Improvements)
  • Secondary Entryphone System Provision
  • Underground Refuse System Provision

*Please contact the Home Ownership Team to check if specific works are non-chargeable to you.

Other Major Works charges

  • Contingency Sum - this is the amount of money included in the building specification to cover any unforeseen work that may be required once the work commences.
  • Professional Fees - these are the fees incurred by EastendHomes in procuring the professional services necessary to deliver the works and may include architects, surveyors etc.
  • Management Fees - these are EastendHomes administrative costs of raising and collecting the capital works charges.