How to find a home

EastendHomes works in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council and our Common Housing Register partner landlords to make sure our housing stock is used effectively to meet the housing needs of residents in Tower Hamlets.

All our housing stock is in Tower Hamlets and we work closely with the council to assist their statutory duties to secure accommodation for single people and families in housing need.

Every home that is available to let is advertised in:

If you find a home you are interested in, you can:

  • bid online (Homeseekers)
  • phone the automated system on 0845 270 2400

Please note as of 3rd October 2015 property adverts will no longer be listed in East End Life.

You need to be on the housing register before you can bid. When you fill out a form please don't forget your six-digit reference number.

Offers are made in priority order, based on the Tower Hamlets Allocations Scheme.