Meeting the Decent Homes Standard

Eastend Homes is carrying out a major programme of improvement works to its estates to ensure that homes meet the Decent Homes standard, and to maintain and repair parts of your home when it is felt that they have reached the end of their useful life.

Use our Major Works Timetable to check what work is planned for your home. This is regularly updated.

What is the Decent Homes Standard?

In simple terms, the Decent Homes Standard means homes must be safe, wind and watertight, provide reasonably modern kitchens and bathrooms and have effective and efficient heating.

A newly installed bathroom

This means repairing or replacing various building components if they are both old and in poor condition, such as:

  • roofs
  • windows & doors
  • brickwork
  • wiring
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • boilers

What work is planned and when will the work take place?

Decent Homes works have taken place across all of our estates. This programme of works was divided into two parts. The first comprised internal improvements works, and residents are already seeing the benefits with new kitchens and bathrooms, and other works such as front doors, rewiring, and heating, where necessary.

The second part involves external refurbishment works outside your home, such as repairing or renewing roofs and windows, other structural work, plus works to shared facilities and communal areas in individual blocks and estates, such as block entrances, refuse systems and paved areas. This external work is being done for the benefit of both tenants and leaseholders.

Please note that certain external works to blocks and estates are subject to further consultation and/or planning approval and funding availability. This work is described in broad details in the Major Works Timetable.

To find out the planned timeframe for works to your block or street, you can: