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Fire Safety Reminder - Balconies and BBQs

With the recent fine weather and restrictions on movement, some residents may have been tempted to improvise with a BBQ at home. We must remind residents that balconies are not suitable for the use of BBQs, whether permanent or disposable, and that this represents a serious fire risk.

In addition, flammable materials should not be stored on balconies. This includes wooden furniture and plastic. An incident on the British Street estate in Mile End last week appears to have included burning material falling from a balcony onto the property below. We are grateful to the residents who reported the fire, to our volunteers and staff who provided assistance in the community centre, and to the emergency services who extinguished the fire swiftly.

In another incident on the Eric estate over the weekend, a fire started in a bin chamber due to a disposable BBQ being emptied into the chute. Disposable BBQs remain very hot for a long period, even when the exterior has cooled, and retain enough heat to ignite flammable materials. It is extremely important that these BBQs are not used within your home for the safety of you and your neighbours. Please also ensure that rubbish is always placed within bins and not dumped on the floor, as such materials can help to spread a fire.

EastendHomes is committed to maintaining and improving the fire safety of all our properties – but we need your support and assistance. There have been other similar incidents in Tower Hamlets recently. Please help to keep the time and resources of our emergency services free at this crucial time for London by practising good fire safety in your home. You can follow the fire safety guidance on our website and help to keep your household and others safe.

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